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PPTs on Statistics (500+ slides)

Central Tendencies | Measure of Spread | Box Plot | Normal Distribution | Z – Score | Central Limit Theorem | Confidence Interval | Hypothesis test | t- test | Chisquare test | F-test | ANOVA |

face recognition with python flask opencv html css bootsrap

Complete Practical Face Recognition Course with Python & Machine Learning

This course consists of 50 videos on 5 modules with  Setting up the project, Image Processing with OpenCV, Machine Learning Modelling, Flask, Building Flask Web App. 

“Sometimes you gotta run before you walk” 

Facial Recognition Software

For retail sector we had developed Facial recognition based analytics i.e analyzing the customer based on facial emotion, gender, age more..

Scanned Invoice Field Extract

We create an product which can able to extract fields from invoice like invoice number, invoice data, product description, Amount more..

Engineering Laboratory App

An Labortory which is replacement of physical lab. This app is a graphical user interphase where you can do experiments at home more..

Precision Farming

An IoT combination with machine learning application based on the parameters from sensor we will recommend crop to be used more..

Social Media Data Mining

Scraping users infomation like name, url, company detailsfrom the social media website like linkedin, facebook  more..


We train people in machine leanring, deep learning, computer vision, natural language processing. Also explains deploying ml model more..

Web Development

We developed artificial web application in Django with SQL, Mongodb database which are deployed more..

Native App Development

We also developed powerful Artificial intelligence based native apps for android and ios mobilesusing react native more..

About us

We are two member who works on state of art on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, web development.

We have been working in AI and data science technologies for past 6 years and we are more interested in deploying machine learning and deep learning into web and android to showcase the world the power of AI.

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